Evolution 7-77 CH Ignitions Full Gasoline Conversion ” Glue ON” for more Scale Look


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Hi Quality CH CDI 7 Cylinders Aluminum Box and all Aluminum 6061 RED Anodized Hardware used to convert the Evolution Engine 7-77.

First introduced by CH Ignitions in February 2014

Since then we had couple changes and add ones to improve performance and reliability.

The Kit includes now all the tools and hardware you need to convert the engine.


2 in stock

CH introduced this conversion first time in February 2014 when the first CDI was developed and tested.
Now we offer a full Gasoline conversion kit with all you need to get the engine running.
Usually we have all hardware in stock, CDI is build as ordered.

The specifications of the CH CDI you will find it on the 7 Cylinder CH CDI Page.
For the install instructions go to the Video Tab on this page and you will have close to 60 minute Video.
The install and procedure is the same for the EVO 7-35 and EVO 9-99 similar components the size may  be different .

When You convert to Gasoline is a 10% power loss, engine will run hotter therefore a good air flow needs to be present.

We recommend that you grease the front end of the engine by taking OFF 2 push roads and the lifters holders and pump some good grease until is all filled.

Adjusting the valves we recommend to adjust the same cylinder 3 times before you move to the next cylinder. Set the gap first then rotate a full revolution until that cylinder comes to the same point again, check the valve lash  If is good go one more time and check again.
Inside the front end are 3 sets of cams at 120 degree apart and some times they will wear different.
If you set by the worn OFF VS a better you may be to tight or too loose. You will need to find a happy medium that will work the best.

When you tight the spark plugs be careful; material is weak and you may strip the thread.
I can fix them if that happens, I have special inserts for 1/4-32 threads.

USE 20:1 mixture 50 ml oil to 1 L Gasoline    6.4OZ to 1 Gal . I run Morgan OIL CP14, also Evolution oil from Horizon Hobby or other supplier in your area.

When you first set it up will be best NOT to use the EXHAUST collector ring, this way you will be able to see what every cylinder is doing .

We also offer full install and test run Service for a flat rate of $100 ( 2 hour labor) and many times we go way over 2 Hours.

Kit Includes :

  • 1 x 7 Cylinders CH CDI Made In USA
  • 7 x 1/4-32 Rcexl Spark Plugs.
  • 1 x Prop Drive assembly with steel split bushing that locks on the shaft ( replace the stock OEM)
  • 1 x Magnet ring
  • 1 x Sensor ring with dual output sensor that locks with set screws ( I recommend also to use some JB weld on the back of it for more piece of mind that is why I call it Glue ON)
  • 4 x 10 mm spacers
  • 4 x 55 mm cap screws
  • 1 x set throttle linkage
  • 1 x full carburetor assembly with Heat insulator plate and carburetor adapter to the engine
  • 1 x CH Universal Timing KIT
  • 1 x RCexl adjustable Electric Pump
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Manual Evolution 7-77 CH Ignitions Full Gasoline Conversion



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