Saito FA200R 3-Cylinder Radial SAIE200R3, GLOW CH Ignitions CDI Conversion



Hi Quality CH Ignitions & Hardware to convert your engine to Ignited Glow Fuel or any other Ignitable fuel mixture you are able to mix.

Saito 200 3-Cylinder Radial SAIE200R3

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CH introduced this conversion first time in 2012 when the first CDI was developed and tested.

Now we offer a full CH Ignitions GLOW CDI conversion kit to get the engine running.

  • GLOW Spark Plug GAP 0.35 mm / 0.0135″
  • No more than 15% Nitro
  • Must use 7.4v 2 cell LIPO 2300mah minim 2700-5000mha

Usually we have all hardware in stock, CDI is build as ordered.

The specifications of the CH CDI you will find it on the 3 Cylinder CH CDI Page.

This conversion is one of the best option if you want to keep running on Glow Fuel or any other ignitable fuel.
Once converted to CH CDI you can run pretty much any fuel type you can mix.
You can run  ZERO Nitro if you want to stay with GLOW FUEL, this will be a more economical option.
By running ZERO Nitro the internal components of the engine will be more protected from rusting.
After Run Oil will still be a good  practice.

By Converting to CH Ignitions Glow CDI you will get a better Idle, better engine behavior all around and up to 25% more run time on the same tank of fuel.
To accomplish this you MUST LEAN (turn in) the needles 1 turn at list BEFORE you attempt to start and go from there.
Fuel will be burned out 99% and you will not have to clean up the messy Glow from the plane.

We also offer full install and test run Service for a flat rate of $100 ( 2 hour labor) and many times we go way over 2 Hours.

Included Hardware:

  • 1 x CH CDI Made in the USA
  • 1 x Magnet adjustable ring
  • 1 x Sensor holder with sensor
  • 3 x 1/4-32 Spark Plug   ( same thread as your glow plug)
  • 2 x M3 x 14 mm  cap screw

Time 30 Degrees BTDC when sensor/Magnet on cyl #1 first come in contact.

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