My friends the 3 sparks on the CDI’s are only up to 300 RPM for START ONLY. !!! Before starting the computer does not know what cylinder to fire.That is why ALL spark plugs fire at once. One of the cylinders will be on POWER stroke and will fire; once the engine fires and rotates and is above 300 RPM the Reset magnet will tell it to fire 1,3,2 and start the sequence firing order. Now…the issue you have is actually the TIMING of the engine.The factory timed the engine 47 BTDC and it is too advanced and uses a 30BTDC CDI…also there is a timing issue in between the #2 and #3 cylinder one is advanced more and one less.

This New Prop Drive Flange  sets the timing in accordance with the CDI (30BTDC) and corrects the timing between cylinders #2 &3.
You can replace the prop drive and the engine will be running like a Swiss clock.
We designed this in such a manner to minimize the set of skills necessary, no timing tools and other expenses involved. It is an easy DIY.

All you have to do is to replace yours is to follow the steps below.

  • Take the set screw out ,
  • Use a gear puller,
  • Keep original cone,
  • Put the CH Prop Drive Flange  ON.
  • Align and make sure the set screw is matching the slot on the crankshaft, Do not tight the set screw fully at this point.
  • Tight the Prop Drive Flange by using a PLASTIC propeller,
  • Tight the set screw
  • DO NOT MOVE THE SENSOR from the factory, no timing tools are necessary.