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CH Ignitions is the oldest and most successful manufacturer of electronic ignition systems for model airplanes.

We have been building and servicing ignitions and engines for over 30 years…

   When we started out we converted some of the smaller glow engines, both two and four stroke, to timed spark ignition. This was very successful, but times have changed and now we do mostly the small Gas Engines.
These are usually chain saw and weedwacker type engines anda engines built just for R/C models.
CH supplied most of the major gas engine builders in the U.S. with Ignitions systems.
These include J&A, Fox, Challenge Tool, Taurus, First Place Engines, & several others. In addition we have CH Ignitions systems for the fine line of Zenoah &    Evolution, Saito Engines from Horizon Hobby, Fuji engines from Great Plains.
We also have light weight Ignition conversion for some of the weed eater engines such as the McCullough 28 & 32 CC., Home Lite 25 & 30 CC and the Ryobi 31.
We have timing kits for some of the Poulan and Echo engines.
Most any small gas engine can be converted to our electronic ignition system.
We do not have timing kits for all engines, just the popular ones.
We have a universal timing kit that will work on many engines.
We have replacement ignitions for many of the engines that already have C.D.I. ignitions including Brison, BME, Fuji, Zenoah, 3-W.CRRC. DA, Thor,
BCMA, Copperhead ZDZ and most any other gas engine that has a hall effect trigger.
We have a bolt on kit for the Zenoah G-20 & 26 EI.

We will continue to add and improve our systems and products.