Why You Should Prefer CDI Systems for RC Engine Conversions?

Planning to fly an RC/UAV with low-cost fuel expenses? Thinking to implement RC engine conversions? Well, you are on the right track. Many flyers love to convert their regular engines into engines which are suitable for RC applications. The engine conversions not only enhance the performances of the engine but also ensure low fuel consumption than before. Moreover, this is the reason, why RC engine conversion techniques are gaining popularity.

If you are into aviation industry and have knowledge about UAV applications, then you must have heard about CDI conversion techniques. A CDI system is an electronic ignition device which produces a powerful spark from the spark plugs through an ignition coil. The device mainly stores an electrical charge for sometimes and then discharges it with the help of a capacitor charge. No doubt, CDI systems can significantly ease the RC engine conversions.

Working principle of CDI systems –

In simple words, a CDI system works when an electric current passes over the capacitor. The capacitor charges and discharges within a fraction of second, which develops sparks in the engine. Before the power discharges, it is transferred to an ignition coil, which converts the capacitor to a transformer. Due to this, the energy tends to pass through the capacitor without getting caught. With the help of CDI ignition systems, it is feasible to keep the engine running for as long as there is a power source in the engine.

The CDI system is integrated to the ignition unit of the UAV/RC engine. The kit mainly comes with important components like a timing mark, hall sensor, charging coil, stator, and flywheel. There is no need to worry about the RC engine conversions when you are using CDI ignition system. You will find every necessary component in the kit with a dedicated instruction manual. You can also follow various video tutorials regarding engine conversions with CDI, and can easily convert the engine of your drone.

Advantages of using CDI ignition system –

  • With CDI, it is feasible to charge the capacitor in a very short phase of time (within 1 minute). Because of this feature, it is convenient to use a CDI ignition system where the dwell time is insufficient.
  • No matter how are the voltage fluctuations, the CDI system will always be unaffected to shunt resistance. So, now you don’t need to worry about the increasing voltage in the engine.
  • As compared to inductive systems, a CDI system ensures shorter spark duration (50-80 µs) and shorter transient response.

If you don’t want to comprise with the performance of your drone but still want to enhance its efficiency, then integrating CDI conversion techniques is the best solution. At CH-Ignitions, we provide economical solutions to fulfill your RC engine conversion needs. No matter for which engine you need the conversion kit, we have got solutions for every engine including ROTO, Moki, Saito, ZDZ, OS, 3W and others.

Talk to our experts today regarding your engine conversions and order the best quality CDI ignition systems.