Why You Need Two Spark Plugs Per Cylinder For Your Radial Engine Ignition System?

Radial engines are the power houses of RC planes/ UAVs. As compared to rotary and in-line water-cooled engines, the radial engines are simpler with shorter crankshafts. The engines work like any other four-stroke internal combustion engine with each cylinder has an intake, power, exhaust stroke, and compression. The working mechanism of radial engine ignition entirely depends on the number of cylinders. If you want better functioning of your radial engine configuration, it’s highly recommended to ensure two-spark plug per cylinder.

To get more power out of a radial engine, the flyers always prefer to add multiple rows of cylinders. In simple words, more is the number of cylinders in the engine; more is the horsepower. But again, you need to ensure that, all the cylinders are developing the necessary power to pull up the main engine. Our expert flyers have observed that, when cylinders are configured with two spark plugs, the engine functions more smoothly and efficiently.

The study confirmed that dual spark plugs per cylinders improve the functioning of the radial engine ignition system in many ways. Below here, we have discussed some significant reasons, justifying the need for two spark-plugs in radial engine cylinders.

  • Combustion – In dual spark plug configuration, the fuel-air mixture burns from both the edges of the cylinder, moving inward. The intensity of the burning is higher in dual setup as compared to single spark plug configuration. This distributes more and more pressure evenly across the cylinder, resulting in high compression. Well, even combustion is one of the major factors, which justifies the need for dual spark plug setup in radial engine cylinders.
  • Power – Every flyer want more and more power from the engine. With dual spark plug configuration, it is possible to generate the maximum power without consuming much fuel. When two spark plugs fire at the same time, a twin flame front is ensured in the cylinder. The dual spark plug setup helps in quick burning of the fuel-air mixture and also ensures complete burning of the mixture, within the cylinder. Indeed, more power is generated in the dual spark plug setup.
  • Efficiency – The best thing about dual spark plug configuration is its efficiency. As the engine requires less power to boost up, the amount of power generated from the dual spark plugs is maximized. Again, when one of the spark plugs fails, the other one will be there to maintain the RPM without any issue. Remember, a radial engine ignition system with two spark plugs per cylinder is more efficient than a system with single spark plug per cylinder.

So, if you want a reliable and efficient radial engine ignition system, then the dual spark plug configuration is the most affordable solution. It is always wise to invest in a backup spark plug, when an ultra-reliable engine is in need.

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