Why Should You Invest in RC Engine Conversions, Instead Of Buying Readymade RC Engines?

Professional flyers always prefer to build their RC plane on own. They want a plane with perfect engine and efficient parts for better flying experience. Instead of buying a readymade RC engine available in the market, it’s convenient to convert the existing engines in accordance to RC mechanism.

No matter, which engine you got, with CH ignitions, you can manage RC engine conversions swiftly. Our ignitions are highly appreciated by flyers and are the best products to convert engines including Saito, Moki, ROTO, OS, 3W, ZDZ, DLE, Zenoah, Sachs, Ryobi, Brison, McColloh, and more.

At CH Ignitions, we understand that, RC engine conversions are not easy to handle on own, but we got you covered for everything related to engine conversions. From ignitions to spares, we provide all the necessary equipment, for converting an existing engine and make it suitable for RC applications. No doubt RC engine conversion can save you good money as well as ensures better performance and reliability.

If you are still confused whether to opt for RC engine conversion or not, please read the below-mentioned facts.

  • Converted engines have small fuel tanksMost of the flyers use RC planes to fulfill their flying hobby. In such scenarios, an RC engine with small fuel tank is highly recommended. It not only reduces the weight of the plane, but also saves your money in many ways. Converted RC engine fuel tanks are as small as 80-100 Oz and are designed for 15-minute flight. If you want to fly more, you can simply refuel the tank and can continue your flight. No doubt, you will enjoy your 15-minute flight with small fuel tank and can restrict unnecessary fuel expenses.
  • Fuel efficient in natureThe old engines of Saito, Moki, Brison, and others are fuel efficient in nature. Such converted engines use cheap fuel for ignition, and hence, your fuel expenses will never go beyond the budget range. However, when you buy a swanky readymade RC engine from the market, you have to spend more on fuel, as they are not at all fuel efficient. The converted engines restrict your budget from various ways, and make your RC plane cost-effective to use.
  • Converted engines come with fewer accessoriesThe converted engines are not advanced, thus they don’t need electric starters or glow plugs to take off. You can directly use the converted RC engines with fewer accessories and can save your expenditure. RC engine conversions reflect many benefits, especially when it comes to budget or expenses.

Also, the converted RC engines require less maintenance and cleaning as compared to the modern readymade RC engines. By using our CH Ignitions, you can easily convert your existing engine for RC applications.

If you need any further guidance regarding RC engine conversion, feel free to contact us.