What do you know About CH CDI Ignitions Systems?

CDI system is an electronic device that is used to store the electric charge over the circuit capacitor. The Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) system works through the ignition coil. It produces an electric current with a powerful spark from the spark plug. These types of ignition system get charged quickly, and they are the best for the RC/ UAV planes.

The CH ignitions manufacture some of the best CDI ignitions systems according to the requirement. They offer the best quality electronic ignition systems as well as the components for the RC/ UAV use. From the single ignitions system to twin CDI, 3CYL, 4CYL CDI or 5 CYL CDI everything is available at our online store. The ignitions system are designed and tested professionally to ensure the highest level of performance in the engine.

How does CH CDI system work?

CDI ignition system work by passing electric current over the capacitor. When power passes through the capacitor the flow of current immediately gets transferred to the ignition coil. The charged ignition coil acts as a transformer and allows the energy to pass through it.

As long as the engine is charged the CH CDI system runs the engine without any interruptions. As compared to other systems CH CDI ignitions systems are efficient and fast charging. This is the main reason why the majority of industries prefer to install CH CDI ignition for their engines. There are many components which are installed in Capacitor Discharge Ignitions Systems which includes flywheel, hall sensor, stator timing mark, charging coil and trigger circuit. The correct balance of the fuel in the engine will help the engine keep running smoothly. They are designed efficiently so that the engine can release fewer amounts of pollutants.

There are many advantages of using CH CDI ignitions systems. Some of them are listed below:-

  • The dwell time is concise in RC engines. By using CH CDI system, it is easy to charge the capacitor in a very short time interval.
  • Compared to other inductive systems, the CDI system has a very short transient response time. It simply ensures the duration of the spark and a fast voltage.
  • Capacitor Discharge Ignition system never gets affected because of shunt resistance. So even if there is high voltage or fluctuations, there is no reason to get worried.

The Capacitor Discharge Ignition System is designed with the best materials to get the best performance for the engine. The experienced team of technicians is here to give you the best ignitions systems as per the configuration of the engine.