Things to Consider Before Converting RC Gas Engines to Electrical Motors

RC electric engines are powerful enough to surpass the use of RC airplane gas engines. The electric motors are much more efficient and reliable, as compared to the performance of gas engines. The noise is greatly reduced, the climb rate is increased, and the take-off is shorter with RC electric motors.

Instead of buying a readymade RC airplane with an electric engine, it’s better to refurbish your old RC glow engine. It is proven that RC glow engine conversion effectively improves the flying experience at an affordable cost. Whether you got Moki 3W engine or Zenoah engine, it is feasible to convert every variety of glow engines to electric, with the appropriate ignition system.

However, converting a glow fuel engine to an electric motor is bit complicated and needs expert advice. So, before initiating the conversion, you must consider the below mentioned factors.

Engine Type of Existing RC Airplane

Depending on the engine model of the RC plane, it is essential to buy an efficient ignition system accordingly. If your RC plane has a Moki 3W glow engine; you need an ignition system which is exclusively designed for 3W engines. Any other ignition system won’t fit with the 3W glow engine. At CH Ignitions, we offer a wide variety of ignition systems for Magnum, MVVS, OS, ROTO, Super Tigre, YS, ZDZ, Evolution, Zenoah, Saito, and other glow engines.

Type of Battery Needed

It’s simple; choose the battery as per the required flight time of RC plane.  Depending on your flying time and budget, you need to get a reliable & branded battery. We recommend arranging advanced technology battery like Lithium polymer battery for better performance. With lithium’s battery, you can expect flight duration up to 10 – 20 minutes. Also, look for a battery which is light in weight, else the overall weight of the plane may create some problems.

Propeller Selection

When you convert an RC glow engine to the electric motor, there is a possibility that your RC plane may struggle a bit with the clearance. It is essential to make modifications to the landing gear for ensuring the propeller has good clearance. Before buying a propeller for your RC plane, you must consult an expert regarding the suitable propeller range.

Cooling Of Battery Pack & ESC

The batteries used in an RC plane are often subjected to overheating and fire hazards. To ensure safe flying, it is important to consider the cooling of battery pack & ESC. We recommend you to place the ESC outside the plane, under the engine of the firewall. Also, make air vents for cooling the battery inside the RC plane. You can also use add-on features like voltage indicators and temperature monitors to eliminate battery hazards.

All these above factors are essential to consider before initiating the RC glow engine conversions. We at CH Ignitions offer every type of ignitions systems for Moki 3W engines, Saito engines, and others. If you are finding any difficulties with RC engine conversions, feel free to contact us.