Aluminum BOX Single Ignition for -1/4 -32 90 Degree 5/16″ (8mm) Hex



Hi Quality CDI, Used on many small engine ans GLOW to gasoline conversions.

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Hi Quality CDI that is Manufactured in the USA for the last 35+ Years, Bill Carpenter Design.
Each unit is manually soldered and assembled, tuned for best performance output voltage.
Units offer the automatic advance formally known as “SYNCRO SPARK” feature to prevent the “Kick Back”
Start Flip rate is around 400-600 range RPM, Flip MUST be firm grab of the prop.
A slower flip than 400 rate RPM will possible give the “Kick Back”, always use a GLOVE or stick.

Static Timing set 28 to 30 degrees BTDC, based on the flip that should give you a 3 to 5 degree BTDC.

Since we are manufacture them, we are flexible and we can manufacture them according to your needs.

Contact us by phone or email and let us know what you will need and will try to do our best to suit your needs.

– Wire length
– Voltage
– Mechanical Advance (NO Auto Advance for real early models 1985-1995 +)


  • Operating Voltage:  6 to 8.4v
  • Battery draw :300-400 mA @ 10000 RPM’s
  • Static Timing 30 Degrees BTDC
  • Operating RPM Range: 400 to 25000 RPM’s
  • Output Start Voltage:  30-35 KV  400-800 RPM’s
  • Output Voltage @ 10000 RPM’s: 12-15KV
  • Hi Voltage wire length: 12 inch  / 310 mm
  • Power and Sensor wire length: 9 inch / 240 mm
  • Dimensions Standard: L 2-1/16″  x  W 1-9/16″ x  H 1-1/64″
  • Dimensions Metric:      L 52.5 mm  x  W 40 mm  x  H 26 mm
  • Weight: 3 Oz  / 85Gr
  • Ability to be repaired, electronics, coil, wire or cap.



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