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APS Pump Back
APS Pump Back

Those pumps are a real-life saver on all Radial Engines that are fitted with Walboro carburetors.
The Radial engines do not have the necessary pulse strength to make the carb
pumping fuel from the tank.
If you experience inconsistent runs, cut outs …this pump will save you from a dead stick.

The APS pump requires on open channel on your Receiver, can be activated from your transmitter,
it can be RPM adjusted and mixed to your throttle stick position.

This is a HI Quality gear pump Made in Germany and it have a good reliability track record.

We strongly recommend the gear pumps VS membrane pumps.
Membrane oscillating pumps have the tendency of failing and is not an IF…it is WHEN.

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PowerFuel RX V2 Fuel Pump Programmable TX switchable pump

Product description and features

Fuel pump with integrated exhaust and pressure limiting valve. The valve of the PowerFuel RX V2 fuel pump is integrated into the pump head.

Due to use of the head valve the pump is absolutely tight. Even at inconvenient installation position below the tank no fuel will leak out.

Improvements of Version 2

In addition to the faster ventig and the larger possible flow rate, due to the new self-venting head valve the duration of a possible pressure drop is greatly reduced. Pressure drops can occur when the pendulum sucks in air (e. g. possible during aerobatic maneuvers). Any dropouts or even stoppages can be avoided thanks to the new head valve. In addition, the clogging of the breather is prevented.

Delivery contents

1 PowerFuel RX V2 fuel pump, 2 retaining clamps, 1 patch cable, 1 T-piece tube connector, 1 tube and 1 quick reference guide.

Weight of the pump 120gr/ 3oz



APS PowerFuel-RX-V2- Manual

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