Instructions for Installing RCEXL CDI Ignition System

When you are converting an RC engine from Glow to Spark, it is always recommended to install a reliable RCEXL CDI ignition system. The CDI Ignition system is the most appreciated method for the glow to spark conversions. Most of the RC engine flyers prefer to install the CDI Ignition system on their own for better performance and functioning.

If you are planning for RCEXL ignition system installation, but have no idea about the process, then check the significant installation instructions below.

• Select a suitable power source – The RCEXL ignition system runs efficiently on a 4-cell 4.8v pack. Although newer units with 6-12 volts are also available, we recommend using a good 4.8-volt pack. There is no need to worry for the RF interferences at a higher temperature, as the 4 cell battery package is known for its stability. Avoid using an old pack, as it may affect the performance of the RCEXL CDI ignition system.

• Protect the wires through spiral wrapping – The RCEXL ignition systems involve a supplied spiral wrapping for protecting the wires from chafing & heat. To avoid any damage, it is recommended wrapping the Hall Sensor Harnesses, spark plug lead, and battery harnesses.

• Mount the ignition in the engine bay – Before mounting the ignition, you need to wrap it in foams for reducing the effects of engine vibration. We recommend you to use Velcro or zip ties to secure the installation in the engine bay. You must keep the ignition far away from the receiver to avoid any interference. Do not install your ignition in the fuselage and never use the same power source for both receiver and ignition system.

• Connect the battery – You need to pay meticulous attention, when connecting the battery with the RCEXL CDI ignition. Make sure; you are following the color codes when connecting the battery and on/off switch to the ignition power leads. Generally, the RCEXL ignitions use Futaba style plugs and also comes with an additional pigtail. Just be sure that the battery is mounted far away from the receiver. Don’t forget that, the system is not reverse polarity protected.

• Use the existing the Hall effects sensor – When you are replacing an existing CDI ignition, you can use the same Hall Effect Sensor without removing it. This will save your time as well as effort in setting the ignition timing. You need to make sure that, the sensor is correctly installed or else it will not work. You can also use our sensor test kits as an alternative, when installing the RCEXL CDI Ignition system.

It is strictly recommended to wear a glove when starting the engine. Also, do not power the ignition with the plug, when you are directly working on the engine. In case, you got any further queries; we recommend you to contact our experts.

To order an RCEXL CDI Ignition system, you can call us directly on 561-927-6171.