Important Facts about Saito Gasoline Engine Conversion

When you develop a hobby of flying, it is for sure you will want a perfect engine. Instead of buying a readymade RC engine, you can convert your existing gasoline engine to Glow engine. This RC engine conversion technique will not only improve the performance of your RC plane but will also bring you closer to the gadget. As you have modified the engine on own, you will feel like, you have total control on the engine.

Flyers, who have Saito gasoline engine, can easily find the suitable ignition system kit at CH Ignitions. We also offer conversion kits for other engines like 3W, YS, ZDZ, OS, DA, ROTO, Moki, Zenoah, Super Tigre, Evolution, ASP and more. As most of the RC flyers have Saito gasoline engine, at CH Ignitions we have plenty of stocks to fulfill all the order requirements.

There is nothing to worry about Saito gasoline conversion. If you are doing it for the first time, we are there to guide you. Our experts will make you understand the entire RC engine conversion procedure through videos and telephonic instructions. You will find every variety of ignition system and its related accessories in our online store. Feel free to consult our experts, before placing an order for your Saito gasoline engine conversion.

What Type Of Saito Engine Do You Have?

Saito engines are very common in ground equipment; you can also use them in RC/UAV planes. Saito engines can extremely enhance the fuel efficiency as well as the reliability of your plane. To convert your Saito Gasoline engine to Glow engine, first you have to shop our Ignition system kit. Depending on your engine specifications, buy a suitable RC engine conversion kit along with essential accessories.

At CH Ignitions, we offer a wide range of CDI conversion accessories including Magnet adjustable ring, Glow plugs, Cap screws, Sensor holder, Heat insulator, Garden style carburetor, Carburetor support and more. In case, any item related to your Saito gasoline conversion is not available in our store, please let us know immediately.

Why Should You Buy Ignition System Kit From Us?

  • Ignition Kits are Certified and tested as per industry standards
  • Superior compatibility and versatility
  • Spark plug and caps for every engine
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Reasonable pricing as per competitive market
  • Easy-to-assemble

Buy Saito Gasoline Conversion Kit Today

CH Ignitions provides economical solutions for converting a wide variety of Saito gasoline engines to GLOW CDI. Visit our online store today and buy your required ignition system. If you have any confusions related to Saito gasoline conversions, don’t hesitate to contact our experts at 561-927-6171.