How to Install the RCEXL CDI Ignition System?

The ignition system designed by the CH-ignitions is the best for your engine. The installation of the spark plug in your engine helps it to run smoothly. While converting the RC engine from glow to spark it’s highly recommended to install a reliable RCEXL CDI ignition system.

The CDI system is one of the highly reliable methods which are used by some people who are looking for the best glow and spark conversions. Most of the engine flyers prefer to install CDI ignitions in their engine for better and smooth functioning.

The Installation of the RCEXL Ignition System

There is a process that needs to be followed while you are planning to install an RCEXL ignition system for your engine.

The steps are listed below:-

  • Get a reliable power source:- The RCEXL CDI ignition system runs on four cells. It consumes a power of 6-12 volts, but the company recommends using a good power source of the 4.8-volt pack. There is no need to worry about the RF interferences at higher temperatures as the four cell batteries support it. They are well known for stability. Don’t use the old pack as it may affect the performance of the RCEXL CDI ignition
  • Avoid wires from getting wrapped: – There is a supplied wire wrapping which is used for the protection of wires from getting heated. Its highly recommended to wrap the hall sensor harnesses spark plug lead, and battery harnesses to avoid any damage.
  • Get the Ignition on the engine bay: – Before mounting the ignition wrap it in the foams to reduce the effect of the engine vibration. Maintain a distance from the receiver to avoid any interference. As a precaution never use the same power source for the receiver and ignition system.
  • Connect to the battery: – Pay attention while connecting the battery to the RCEXL CDI ignition system. Make sure that you are following the right color codes while connecting the battery. The RCEXL ignition systems use Futuba style plugs which comes with an additional pigtail. Make sure that the battery is mounted far from the receiver.
  • Use Hall Effect Sensor: – While replacing the old CDI ignitions systems it is possible to use the same Hall Effect sensor without removing it. It will help you to save a lot of time. Make sure that the sensor is correctly installed else it will not work.

As a precaution, it is highly recommended to wear a glove before starting the engine. The RCEXL ignition system is made with the best materials under the guidance of best designers as well as it is highly tested for best performance.