How to Convert RC Gas Plane Engine to Electric Motor Using UAV CDI Ignition?

Converting an RC gas engine to electric RC motor is all about ensuring better engine performance. Though the readymade RC electric planes are efficient, still professional flyers love to convert their existing gas engine to electric on own. The RC engine conversion not only enhances the reliability of the RC plane but also restricts the functionality flaws in the engine.

Well, there are many benefits of converting a glow engine to electric. First of all, the RC airplane electric engines are powerful. It’s for sure; you will experience a great flying session after the engine is converted. Secondly, RC electric engines are much more efficient in terms of fuel-consumption & maintenance expenses.

There is no need to approach an expert for converting an RC glow engine to electric. It’s pretty simple, and you can do it by yourself. Just get a high-quality UAV CDI Ignition system and convert your existing gas engine flawlessly. With electric RC motor, you can fly the UAV or drone in the areas that have noise restrictions. Also, your take off will be shorter, and your climb rate will increase.

Before planning an RC engine conversion, check out what equipments you will need.

Equipment Needed For RC Glow Engine Conversion

  • UAV CDI Ignition System – To produce a powerful spark from the spark plug, UAV CDI Ignition is the first thing you will need for converting your gas engine to electric UAV CDI Ignitions are efficient and ensure fast charging. The ignition system will run the converted electric engine, as long as there is a charge in the power source. UAV CDI ignition kit comes in a package including charging coil, hall sensor, flywheel, stator, timing mark, and trigger circuit.
  • Battery – Without batteries, it is not possible to fly an electric RC plane. Batteries are like fuel for electric engines and usually come in the range of 500 to 2000 mAh cells. The more are batteries; the more is the time of flight. However, keep in mind – the weight of the engine should remain within the limit. Go for Lithium Polymer battery, as it is the most advanced battery technology for RC planes.
  • Electronic Speed Control – ESCs are essential to install when converting an RC glow engine to electric. These units have simplified programming to eliminate the need of parallel cells and increase the overall safety. There is no need to worry about combustions at high charging voltages, if Electronic Speed Control units are installed in your engine.

Apart from these above equipments, you will also need a wattmeter and charger or adapter. All these products are readily available in our store along with other necessary accessories. Visit our store today and continue with your shopping.

If you have any worries about the installation procedure, read our blogs or directly contact our experts.