How Radial Engine Ignition System Boosts The Performance Of RC/UAV Models?

Radial engines or star engines are widely used for aviation applications. Before the gas turbine engines became popular, radial engines were used to configure both large & small aircraft engines. Instead of buying readymade RC engines, you can simply opt for a radial engine conversion. This would save your money and also ensure a great flying experience.

Most of the flyers, who deal with RC engine conversion, always look for radial engine ignitions. If you are planning to build an RC/UAV model with radial engine, it is highly recommended to use the right kind of radial engine ignitions. Without a reliable ignition system, radial engines won’t deliver efficient performance, and the investment may go in vain.

Advantages of Using Radial Engine Ignitions for RC Applications

In the radial engines, the cylinders radiate outward from a central crankcase and ensure reciprocating type internal combustion engine. Such configurations are highly suitable for RC/UAV models, as desired amount of power is generated without any hassle. Just don’t forget to choose the right radial engine ignition,as per your engine requirements.

Below here some advantages of using radial engine ignitions have been discussed. Go through the facts and determine how radial engine ignitions can improve the performance of your drone or RC plane.

  • High power output at lower RPMA radial engine configuration with a reliable ignition system produces good power ratio to low RPM. The power is enough to drive the RC model fly high in the air. As the engine generates power at lower RPM, it saves good on fuel expenses. Also, due to low RPM, the radial engine drives propellers without any sort of reduction gearing.
  • Saves weight and increases durabilityAs all the pistons of radial engine ignitions are in the same plane, it ensures even cooling and normally can be air-cooled. Hence, there is no need for liquid cooling system in the engine. This greatly saves the weight of the RC model, and enhances its flying performance.
  • Reliable and versatile with smoother operationThe best thing about radial engine ignition system is, it still runs even the cylinders are damaged.The configuration of the radial engine is less vulnerable to critical damages, which greatly contributes to the overall durability of the plane. The lower frontal area ensures evenly distributed air cooling and promotes smoother operation.

At CH Ignitions, we offer a wide variety of radial engine ignition units for RC engine conversions. With our economic and efficient ignition systems, you can convert your radial engines to GLOW CDI or Gasoline conversion.

Feel free to contact our experts, in case you have any doubts about radial engine ignition systems.