CH CDI Ignition System: Working Principle & Its Advantages

Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) system is an electronic device that stores an electrical charge over a circuit capacitor. Through the ignition coil, the CH CDI system discharges the electric current and produces a powerful spark from the spark plug. Such types of ignition systems get charged quickly and are ideal for RC/UAV planes.

At CH Ignitions, we understand the need for efficient CDI ignitions and accordingly offer the highest quality electronic ignition systems and components for RC/UAV use. From Single CDI systems to Twin CDI, 3 CYL CDI, 4 CYL CDI, or 5 CYL CDI, you can find everything at our online store. All our ignition systems are professionally designed, tested, and certified. No matter for which engine you need an ignition system, here we provide CH CDI Ignition systems for ZDZ, 3W, Saito, Moki, DLE, DA, Bison, McColloh, Ryobi, Zenoah, and many more engines.

However, before ordering the CDI system online, first understand its working principle and advantages. Being a professional flyer, find out how CH CDI Ignition systems can boost your engine’s efficiency as well as performance.

Working Principle of CH CDI Ignition System

CDI Ignition system works by passing an electrical current over the capacitor.  When power passes through a capacitor, the flow of electric current immediately transfers to the ignition coil. Now, the charged ignition coil acts as a transformer and allows the energy to pass through it, instead of catching any of it.

As long as there is a charge in the power source, CH CDI Ignition system runs the engine without any interruptions. As compared to inductive ignition systems, CH CDI Ignitions are more efficient and ensure fast charging. Well, this is the main reason, why flyers prefer to install CDI Ignition systems in their engine.

Some important parts of the Capacitor Discharge Ignition system include flywheel, hall sensor, stator, timing mark, charging coil, and trigger circuit. All these parts together work and contribute to the functioning of CH CDI Ignitions.

Advantages of Using CH CDI Ignition Systems

  1. In the RC engines, the dwell time is concise. By using CH CDI system, it is feasible to charge the capacitor in very short time (typically 1ms).
  2. Compared to inductive systems, CDI system has a short transient response. It simply ensures shorter Spark duration (about 50-80 µs) and a fast voltage rise (between 3 to 10 kV/ µs).
  3. Capacitor Discharge Ignition systems are never affected because of shunt resistance. Thus, there is no need to worry about the high voltage fluctuations in the engine.

It’s for sure, now you have clearly understood what is Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI), how it works, and its advantages. If you have any further queries about CH CDI Ignition, feel free to contact us. Talk directly with our experts before placing an order.