3 Benefits of Converting RC Gas Engines to Electric Engines

Want to convert your RC gas engine to electric engine? Well, the decision seems wise considering the positive benefits. Many flyers are opting for RC engine conversions to enhance the performance and efficiency of their drones. The gas engines are going out of trend, and hence the flyers are adopting the culture of electric motors.

To convert an RC gas engine to electric engine, you need an efficient conversion technique. It is not an easy task to manage the RC engine conversions as it involves a number of considerations. However, by investing in CDI ignition systems, you can effectively ease the engine conversions at reasonable expenses.

Below here, some significant benefits of converting RC gas engines to electric engines are mentioned.

  • Less fuel expenses – Most of the drones that fly on gas engines, use nitro-methane gas as the fuel. It’s like, every time you operate the drone, you are investing on the gas. In case, you need to fly your drone for a long run; then you have to bear high expenses on gas/fuel. However, when you change the gas engine to the electric engine, you can experience great relief from the burden of gas consumption. Once the engine is converted, you don’t need to invest in gas any further. Simply charge your battery with power and fly your drone up in the air.
  • Noise reduction – The worst thing about an RC gas engine is it produces a loud noise, which is really annoying to hear. Because of the loud noise, flying gas engine drones is restricted in many areas of the United States. In such situations, switching to the electric engine is a reliable option. There will be no restrictions on your flying as the electric engines don’t produce an awkward noise. Probably, this is the reason, why the new flyers are directly investing in electric engines.
  • No chances of overheating and fire hazards – When you implement an RC engine conversion for electric engine configuration, you greatly reduce the chances of overheating. The lithium battery used in the electrical engines only allows a flight for 10 minutes, thus there is no need to worry about any overheating issues. With RC electric engine, your drone is totally safe and also restricts any fire hazards.

It won’t cost you much, when you are opting for RC engine conversions. At Ch-Ignitions, you can buy the necessary accessories and equipment at the best price. Our experts will guide you in choosing the best conversion techniques for converting RC gas engine to electric.

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