Instructions for installing the silicone SPARK PLUG BOOT and STAINLESS STEEL PLUG CAP

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First, examine the spark plug lead to see if OK to install a new boot and cap. If the plug wire is covered with heat shrink and it is worn through to the metal braid, this will not hurt just clean it off and put some tape on it. If the braid is worn through but not worn into the plug, lead core, wrap it with some kind of braid and tape tightly. Solder wick works good to wrap over the damaged spot on the braid it can be spot soldered on if you wish.
We can replace the braid and heat shrink but not the spark plug wire on the CHEXL & RCEXL Ignition. If the center core of the lead is cut or almost worn to the center conductor, you will need a new spark plug lead. The spark plug lead itself cannot be replaced and you are in the market for a new ignition. You can put a couple of pieces of heat shrink tubing over the bad spot then put on new braid and heat shrink on complete plug wire.
Check your spark plug wire over good before you order a new cap then you can order new braid and heat shrink. If your spark plug lead is not covered with heat shrink this would be a good time to do so. The spark plug lead is not replaceable on many ignition systems.We can replace any part on the CH Ignition system.

1. Remove your old spark plug cap and boot and the entire old heat shrink, do not remove the heat shrink that covers the braid and wire. Cut the end of the wire off clean. You will probably shorten the plug lead about ½-to¾ inch when you install the new boot and cap. Remove about 1&1/4 inch of the heat shrink and leave the braid and inner plug lead exposed.

2. Slide a 1 ½ inch of ½ heat shrink over the plug wire then a 1 ¼ inch of 3/8 heat shrink and ¾ inch 3/8 heat shrink and last the wire crimp ring.

3. Install the spark plug terminal spring by hooking the longer end into the position that you want to be the top of the plug wire, cut the inner plug wire off so that the spring will just go past the end of the plug wire with some resistance. This will help to hold the plug wire in place, then hook in the short lead and squeeze together with pliers. Install a ½ inch length of 3/8 heat shrink over the end of the spark plug wire and shrink with a heat gun or lighter. I put a small amount of medium CA on the spring wires before shrinking the short piece of heat shrink.

4. To install the silicone plug boot lube the boot with some liquid soap or silicone lube and push the spring into the boot. The longer wire on the spring terminal goes to the top of the plug boot. Make sure the terminal is straight in the boot. Push your spark plug into the boot and make sure the top button goes into the spring. If the spring is not straight, take a small screwdriver and square it up. Be careful and do not puncture or tear the boot.

5. now the fun part, Bend the tabs over past 90 degrees on the steel shell. Use a flat-nosed pair of pliers. Be careful and do not bend the flange on the shell .Lay the boot in the cover that has the tabs then hook the other shell under the front tab and two top tabs. Squeeze the bottom of the shells together and hook the bottom tab slide the braid up over the wire and covers. Now slide the crimp ring up over the braid and cover shells. Trim off excess braid with a sharp pair of cutters. Do not crimp the ring. Install the snap ring. I do this with a set of square-nosed pliers. If you have a pair of snap, ring pliers that will work for this go ahead and use them. Usually when I try to use snap ring pliers the ring goes flying off into the wild blue yonder never to be seen again. Install the gap in the snap ring 45 degrees to the seams on the cover. Do not distort the ring, it must be tight to hold the cap on the spark plug and make a good ground. Use some sort of clamp and squeeze the shells together and then crimp the tabs down with a good pair of square-nosed pliers. I have a pair of pliers that I have cut notches in to help bend the tabs down. I usually have about a dozen pair of pliers out by the time I am done. A small pair of vice gripes work, good for a clamp if you pad the jaws good so you do not scratch the beautiful stainless steel cover.

6. Crimp the retaining ring on the back of the cover. Put some vinyl glue around the crimp ring and slide the short piece of heat shrink over the ring and shrink it down, then slide the other two pieces of shrink over the rear of the cap and shrink with a heat gun. Set back and admire your work.  Read CHRCEXL instructions to install and remove the cap from the spark plug. We solder the tabs to make the cap a little stronger. Do not try and do this if you do not have the solder flux for stainless steel. You will just make a mess of it.

7. If you are installing the cap for the NGK-CM-6, 10MM spark plug there are a few changes. If your ignition uses a resistor spark plug lead (carbon core). You do not need a resistor in the cap .If your ignition has a copper stranded core you need to install a resistor in the cap. We will install the 5.1K resistor in the cap if we know that is what you need. There are some other small changes as follows when you use the CM-6 spark plug. This is not a resistor plug

8. If you are installing the CM-6 cap on a stranded wire spark plug lead, leave only about one inch of center conductor exposed fold the braid back just like we did above for the larger spark plugs. Using the small brad (nail) found in your plug cap package poke a hole into the center of the spark plug conductor twisted copper core .Go in about 3/8 inch. Center the resistor lead in the spark plug boot and push the resistor lead into the hole in the plug lead center conductor. Use a small amount of thick CA on the plug wire. Hold the boot tightly right where the resistor is in the boot. You do want to push the other end of the resistor lead out through the silicone boot. This will cause the sparks to leak out. The rest of the cap is installed the same as the larger plug.

If your ignition system has a carbon core resistor lead, you do not need a resistor in the cap. On this lead push the small brad into the carbon core about 3/8 inches with a small amount of CA on the nail. Leave the nail in the wire and cut off to about ¼ inch long. Push the spark plug lead into the boot and the nail will go between the coils on the spring contact, and then when you push the spark wire plug into the boot, it will all squeeze together and make a good contact. DO NOT leave the nail long enough to go clear through the boot.
We have come up with a few new things about our CHXL ignitions.

First we are very pleased with our CHXL ignitions. We have sold over 2000 of them, with two coming back with problems. One was a 10 MM-System for the NGK CM-6 spark plug. It had a leak in the silicone spark plug boot to ground. We repaired this and returned it to our customer. The other was user caused. One of the male pins on the Futaba plug had pushed to one side and missed the female pins. If these plugs try to bind up and will not push together easily, look at the male pins and align and center them with an exacto knife blade. There are fliers who still have problem getting the steel cap off the spark plug. READ OUR INSTRUCTIONS. Insert a small 1/8 wide flat screw driver between the steel shells and turn it sideways and pry the cap open. The cap will then come off easily. You may need three hands to do this. You can make the cap a little easier to get off by rounding the points on the hex of the spark plug with a Dremel sanding drum.

DO NOT use pliers on the steel cap this will void the warranty. Besides it makes it look bad. We have ignitions sent back with the steel cap ruined and spark plug wires ruined by rubbing on something.We have been preaching this for over 20 years. Protect the spark plug wire any place it can rub on anything. Use some soft vinyl hose or vacuum hose. Slit the hose and put it around the spark plug wire and tie with nylon ties. AT least 50% of the units we get back for repair have ruined spark plug wires. Remember the spark plug wire is not replaceable on the CHXL or RCEXL Ignitions and many others. This kind of damage is not covered by warranty. This is improper installation.

Make sure you are using the correct spark plug with your CHXL steel cap. We have three sizes of Steel Spark plugs caps with silicone boot.