Keleo H9 Corsair Engine Box

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H9 Corsair Engine Box

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Redesigned engine box for the Hangar 9 60cc Corsair, this is for the Saito FG84 R3 engine to aid in the installation of the engine into the H9 Corsair 60 CC airplane.

This will ease the install of the engine with the Keleo ring and the end result will be a better fit of the engine into the aircraft and into the cowl.

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1 review for Keleo H9 Corsair Engine Box

  1. Michael Backus (verified owner)

    Ordered for a Ziroli F4U Corsair build to use with the Saito FG-90R3 and Keleo Exhaust ring. Dry fitted all parts and everything looks and feels solid. The kit is very high quality. Will need to add more to the Ziroli build to make this fit properly given it was designed for the slightly smaller H9 Corsair, but this is why I like this engine box kit. It’s a great combo with the Saito radial and exhaust ring. I think it could fit on planes other than the H9 Corsair! Will work perfectly for the Ziroli 93 inch Corsair!

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